From manual operations to a well-oiled machine.

Manufacturing client with 150 temporary workers on average, flexing to 350 across three sites and 15 job titles. Their old process involved paper timesheets and manual tracking of attendance issues. Each vendor was required to maintain a specified volume and report against their performance.

Spending time where it matters.

Third party logistics client typically had 200 temporary workers, spiking to 1000 seasonally, across seven national sites with 150 job titles. Each vendor had their own timekeeping systems and the client required cost reporting per site, department, job function/cost center. The vendors were each manually building these reports for them, resulting in excessive time spent per vendor every week. 

Reducing administrative burden with a VMS.

An e-commerce operation using 27 different vendors across 52 sites was using multiple systems to support hiring and management functions as well as to manually track time for their contingent workforce. The company was spending 8,320 hours annually on timekeeping alone.

Simplifying end to end process for professional spend.

A company with a strategy to use contractors for their professional and engineering positions utilized 47 different staffing providers with a spend of $50 million annually. They needed a way to simplify the processes from end to end to better manage this aspect of their operation. Their current processes were cumbersome for all involved, requiring multiple touch points that were completed manually.

We’re kind of proud of our 99% customer retention.

Is it really that simple? Yes, it is. That’s why our customers love us.

Our clients say it best

“Overall I absolutely love everything about the system.  I think it has been a huge help for me.  This is has made it so much easier to do day to day things.  I would recommend to anyone with multiple agencies and multiple employees.  This system has basically changed the way that we look at things and do things here.  The greatest value is knowing who is here and who isn’t and doing communication through the tool.”

-Jamil, Human Resources Manager

“All in all I love the system. I keep SimpleVMS open to see if see who is here and punched in. Last week I approved all the time within 20 minutes or less. It is 100% worth it!”

-Rebecca, Human Resources Manager