VMS doesn’t have to be a dirty word.

Our team is your team. We’re here to make your job simple.

Channel partnerships are an excellent opportunity to collaborate with SimpleVMS as the vendor. If you’ve worked with us before and love our system and support or are looking for a great tool to share, we can help you bring our solution to your clients and prospects.

You already have a great relationship with your client.

Your client is looking for a vendor management system, and you are a trusted partner.

SimpleVMS will work with you to deliver an easy to use system and top-notch service to your client.

You are the MSP.

We’re not an MSP, but with SimpleVMS, it’s easy for you to be.

We take care of all the tracking and heavy lifting on the backend, so you can manage the people on the front.

We’re staffing veterans, but we’re not a staffing company.

Our vendor-neutral platform was developed by folks who have worked in the staffing industry for over 20 years.

We understand your pain points, but we are not competing for placements. We are here to make your vendor relationship simple.

Focus on what you do best, we’ll handle the rest.

As a successful vendor, recruiting and talent retention are your priorities.

We’ll handle the tedious stuff like reporting, business reviews, analytics, timekeeping and invoicing so you can focus on delivering great people.

You might have some questions.

Who is an ideal channel partner? 

Typically channel partners are staffing agencies, HR consultants, insurance companies, payroll, and other time-keeping companies. We are open to working with anyone that finds a vendor management system that can benefit their clients.

What’s in it for us?

As a vendor, working with SimpleVMS provides you with cost savings by managing the non-revenue generating activities such as timekeeping, tracking, and reporting. So not only do we offer clocks to your clients for no cost, but our tool also allows you to focus on what you do best – recruiting and talent retention.

We value our channel partners, and we show it. Along with making your client management relationship easier, we also provide a revenue-sharing model.

Will we be competing with every vendor in the program after go-live?

Clients have granular control in the tool and can set their vendors up based on a tiered system. Therefore, we recommend you request preferential treatment for introducing SimpleVMS.

Will my team have duplicate data entry once the VMS is in place?

Our tool easily integrates with vendor systems through an open API to mitigate the need for duplication of efforts. If your system is not currently aligned with SimpleVMS, we are happy to investigate if an integration is possible. If not, we can provide exports for candidates and payroll to minimize additional data entry.

Will we lose our relationship with our client?

No, we encourage you to maintain the same relationship you currently have. Our goal is not to create a barrier between client and vendor but to create a better conduit for open communication and reporting. We know vendors are an equally important part of the process, so we are dedicated to making our service work for all parties

Vendor management systems are expensive, will this prevent us from making money with our client?

Although many vendor management systems are costly, our goal is to provide a more affordable, easy-to-use tool for all vendors. Not only do channel partners who bring us the business get the “partner” VMS fee, but we also offer a revenue-sharing model.

Connect with with us to learn more becoming a SimpleVMS channel partner.