Simplified Staffing Vendor Management

SimpleVMS provides a web-based Vendor Management System (VMS) that streamlines all aspects of managing your contingent workforce acquisition process.

Starting with the creation of a job posting through interview scheduling, new employee integration, fully integrated timekeeping & expense tracking, invoicing and payment, SimpleVMS will save you time and deliver cost savings. The fundamental goal is to simply connect your organization to outstanding people!

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SimpleVMS was founded on the core business principle of helping companies streamline interactions with their staffing vendors in procuring contract employees. Our goal is to help your organization hire outstanding people.

SimpleVMS automates the process of procuring, managing, and analyzing contingent and project-based labor. Additionally, the software can budget, track, and pay time and expenses. Starting with the creation of a job posting, interview scheduling, new employee integration, consolidated invoicing and payment, our software will save time and deliver cost efficiencies. The user-friendly web-based system will enable clients to consolidate their contingent vendor pool, ensure HR policy compliance, reduce cost and accelerate time-to-hire.

"Vendor Management Systems(VMS), in use in nearly 50% more Best-in-Class companies than all others, have historically automated the supplier selection and management processes of contingent labor...VMS technology also enables organizations with a centralized portal that contains data around service categories, project milestones, project expenses, and other dashboards for gaining true contingent workforce intelligence." (Aberdeen Group "Best Practices")

SimpleVMS is a privately held company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. You can reach SimpleVMS via phone at 888-255-8918, emailing, or by filling out our contact form above.


Key Features
  • ZERO implementation costs. No hardware or servers, no monthly fees, and no obligations.
  • Simple to use. Minimal learning curve and maximum efficiencies for you.
  • Not an off-the-shelf product. Everything is customizable to your organization.
  • Live US Support Team. Take advantage of full scale support through every phase of the process, from discovery and implementation, to live use of the tool.
  • End-to-end tracking. Full audit trail and consolidation of timesheets, expenses, and invoices for all of your vendors.
  • Higher quality candidates. Increased competition from your vendors will deliver better candidates and overall cost savings.
  • Real-time dashboards. View key performance indicators, staffing utilization, vendor and spend metrics in one place from any device.
  • Consolidated invoicing. One invoice for all vendors, customized to your specifications and complete visibility over the payment process.
  • Hardware timekeeping in addition to web access. Equip your organization with time clocks, iPad apps, biometrics, and telephonic hardware in addition to web-based time punching. Timekeeping is built in, not a 3rd party import / export integration.
How does it work?
  • Utilize a vendor-paid model (VPM). SimpleVMS is offered at no cost to your organization.
  • Easy to use Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Solution, which means there is nothing for your organization to buy or maintain.
  • Centralize all communication. SimpleVMS provides a web-based interaction between your organization and your staffing vendors on one single site.
  • Reduce manual steps and delays, while saving time and money. Automate job postings, scheduling interviews, new employee integration, and invoicing.
  • Access powerful analytics. Measuring worker and vendor performance by tracking all key trends, indicators, and problem areas.
  • Guaranteed vendor-neutral procurement because SimpleVMS is not owned by or affiliated with any staffing agency. No conflicts of interest of preferential treatment to interfere with your staffing process.



SimpleVMS is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendor management solution that streamlines all aspects of the contingent workforce acquisition process for your organization. We provide a web-based interaction between your organization and staffing vendors. The software automates job postings, scheduling interviews, new employee integration, invoicing, and payment settlement while saving time and delivering bottom-line efficiencies.




Manufacturing client with 150 temporary workers on average, flexing to 350 across 3 sites and 15 job titles. Their old process involved paper timesheets and manual tracking of attendance issues. Each vendor was required to maintain a specified volume and report against their performance.

3rd Party Logistics


3rd party logistics (3PL) client with 200 temporary workers spiking to 1000 seasonally across 7 sites nationally and 150 job titles. Each vendor had their own timekeeping systems and the client required cost reporting per site, per department, per job function / cost center. The staffing vendors were each manually building this reporting for them, resulting in multiple days of time spent per vendor every week. SimpleVMS improved the process through automation, eliminating the vendor cost as well as providing the data to the client in real time instead of only once per week.



An e-commerce operation using 27 different vendors across 52 sites was using multiple systems to support the hiring and management functions as well as to track time on their contingent workforce:

  • Manual invoice process
  • WorkDay used for HRIS and tracking
  • Manual timekeeping and multiple time collection methods

Over 120 Sites


A very diverse manufacturing company with over 120 sites nationwide need a way to see a “big picture” view of their entire organization. They had grown both organically and via acquisition, and had multiple recruiting & time tracking systems for their contingent workforce throughout their enterprise. Their existing processes were not connected, provide no way to aggregate or compare their numbers, provided little oversight or real-time metrics, and was error prone due to the many manual steps involved.

  • No big picture / aggregation of data
  • Tracking and oversight of spend
  • Communication & Audit Trail
  • Inability to compare KPIs of suppliers
  • Invoice Tracking



A company with a strategy to use contractors for their professional and engineering positions utilized 47 different staffing providers with a spend of $50 million annually. They needed a way to simplify the processes from end to end to better manage this aspect of their operation. The processes were cumbersome for all involved, requiring multiple touch points that were completed manually. Areas for improvement identified as a business case for change were:

  • Lengthy vacancy time
  • Inefficient interview process
  • Communications
  • Loss of highly skilled candidates in the hiring process
  • Limited visibility on the performance of all suppliers
  • Compliance Management
  • Administration of Invoices