Vendor management made simple.

Helping companies streamline all aspects of their contingent workforce.

Our goal is simple, to save you time and money.

SimpleVMS is web-based Vendor Management System (VMS) that streamlines all aspects of managing your contingent workforce. As your partner, we provide full-service integrations, a no-cost implementation, and completely customizable workflows.

Starting with the creation of job postings through interview scheduling, new employee onboarding, fully integrated timekeeping, automated invoicing and payment, SimpleVMS saves you time and reduces your workforce management expense.

Connecting your vendors in one easy-to-use system.

Developed by staffing industry veterans, SimpleVMS was founded on the core business principle of helping companies streamline interactions with their staffing vendors in procuring and managing contract employees.

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It’s just that simple.


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SimpleVMS works for you.

Process improvement

Automation removes manual steps from your employee acquisition and retention workflows.

Cost reduction

Streamlined processes improve efficiency.

Timekeeping & invoicing accuracy

Automatically generated invoices from approved time and expenses reduces data entry errors.

Metrics & reporting

Over 100 stock reports and customized reporting, eliminates time and cost for your vendors to manually compile data.

Enhanced communication

Web-based interaction between your organization and your staffing vendors on one single site.

Designed to simplify interactions between clients and staffing agencies.

Job order management

  • Automated order distribution.
  • Manage vendor tiers and multiple hire types in one system.

Candidate review

  • Stay informed during the hiring process.
  • Easily review candidate flow and rankings in the dashboard. 

Workforce management

  • Effortlessly manage your contingent staff.
  • Automate schedules, track attendance and transfer workers between cost centers in a single tool.

Onboarding & compliance

  • Manage pre-employment documentation.
  • Automate reminders and new hire requirements for all vendors.

Client risk mitigation

  • Mitigate co-employment risks.
  • Log and track all OSHA incidents and documentation for auditing in one place.

Our clients and vendors say it best:

Daily Simple VMS User

Customer service is very helpful and friendly when we need assistance.

Tara Lea D.
Project Manager, Automotive

SimpleVMS is really simple to use

We are now able to provide our customers with efficiencies, cost savings and real time business intelligence so they can focus on critical activities.

Lynda M.
Director, Staffing and Recruiting

Why wait and suffer?

Nothing to not like. They made this a very easy integration.

Matthew S.
Operations Manager, Food & Beverage

All of our communication is through one system

I have nothing to complain about. This software streamlined our process just like we were told it would. I couldn’t be happier.

Danny R.
Operations Director, Warehousing

A truly simple system that is easy to use

SimpleVMS is easy to use and creates a standard process across our many locations. Timekeeping and billing are simplified and saves time.

Michelle K.
HR Generalist

The system really is simple

I like the ease and accuracy of the reports that I need to pull from the system. They allow me to provide information quickly for Corp. meetings. My clients like having the information at their fingertips. Their corporate team is always available for questions and has been a great support.

Donna C.
Regional VP, Staffing & Recruiting

SimpleVMS: Best & Easiest Vendor Management System!

SimpleVMS allows our business to gauge the performance of our agency partners, analyze trends to find solutions in different areas such as recruitment and terminations, build accurate billing reports, and keep everything in a centralized location for our internal team and our agency partners to view!

Eduardo G.
Sr. Workforce Planner, Logistics and Supply Chain

Good Product

Simple, easy to use, would recommend to anyone

Charles G.
Recruiter, Hospital & Healthcare

So easy to use!!

SimpleVMS is great to work with. Their support team is very responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable. The system is simple to use and easy to pick up on.

Delilah H.
Implementation Specialist, Staffing and Recruiting

SimpleVMS my preferred vendor management system

Because this company offers implementation, customization, time-keeping solutions, and exceptional customer service at no additional cost, I always choose SimpleVMS for my customers.

Jerry D.
President, Human Resources

Look no further for your next Vendor Management Software

The software is easy to use. The interface is user friendly and I have yet to see a VMS that offers the capabilities SimpleVMS offers. Working with [SVMS Support Rep] has been great. Him and their Customer Support team are quick to respond, implement new ideas we present, and always provide a solution for us.

Casey W.
Director of Business Development, Staffing and Recruiting

Increases efficiency of our management processes

SimpleVMS saves the time and the cost required for contingent labor related processes in our company.

Graham G.
Director, Contingent Workforce. Staffing and Recruiting

Simple VMS is a great system!

Simple VMS is a great system. Having all of the information provided by the system has helped me better staff my locations and answer questions for my Agencies.

Corinna J.
Scheduler/VMS Specialist, Automotive

Simple is an understatement!

This product, along with the hands on support of the SVMS team, makes it easy to present to our clients and to attract suppliers to participate in our programs. It really is simple, but, still provides a very robust selection of functions within the tool to deliver process efficiencies, cost savings, compliance, and more..

Derek D.
VP of Enterprise Sales, Staffing and Recruiting

One stop solution for your vendor management needs!

SimpleVMS is a great vendor management software that has several features that no other VMS provides.

Product Manager

SimpleVMS is the easiest system to use!

If you need a tracking system for temporary labor explore SimpleVMS, you won’t be sorry.

Jennifer H.
Human Resource Manager, Warehousing

Game changer for managing temp labor

When I was introduced to SimpleVMS I was amazed at how easy it made managing temporary labor.

Shannon O.
HR Generalist, Industrial Automation

Easy and User Friendly

The Company Overview Dashboard and the IN/OUT board are my two favorite features. The system is easy to navigate and easy to read. Has a great library on the help desk for all activities.

Danielle N.
Coordinator, Staffing and Recruiting

Overall a good product

Very user friendly and easy to integrate with current software.

Rachel M.
Recruiter, Staffing & Recruiting