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What is a VMS?

VMS stands for Vendor Management System. Our tool is a cloud-based system that streamlines all aspects of managing your contingent workforce acquisition process. The system automates the process of procuring, managing, and analyzing contingent and project-based labor. Additionally, the software can budget, track, and pay time and expenses.

How much is this going to cost?

Nothing. We utilize a 100% vendor partner funded model, so we work with your vendors to pay for the tool. We will communicate with those vendors to help them understand the value of working in the system for your business and theirs. Additionally, there are ZERO implementation costs. No hardware or servers, no monthly fees, and no obligations. It’s really that simple.

How many temps do we need to have to justify using a VMS?

SimpleVMS doesn’t have a minimum spend requirement like our competition, but typically companies with around 50 temps or more see the most significant time savings.

Will my vendors participate in the tool and why?

SimpleVMS currently works with thousands of vendors that support our clients, so it is highly likely they’ve either worked with us or at least know about our system. We pride ourselves on offering a vendor-friendly tool that makes things easy for their teams, allowing agencies to focus on what they do best – recruiting and talent retention, while we focus on reporting, automation, and streamlining your workflows.

Since we are not an MSP, we encourage our clients to maintain the relationships they have with their vendors so they can get the feedback they need to properly staff their positions.

How long does it take to implement SimpleVMS and how much work will we have to do?

Our typical implementation timeline is four weeks but could be extended and done in geographic phases if needed. After an initial introduction, we will work with your team to complete a workbook that provides all the information we need to set up your system to your specifications. After the system has been customized for your organization, we will provide training for your team and your vendors. We are focused on the heavy lifting, so you can continue to focus on your business.

Will I lose my relationship with my vendors?

No! Our tool allows you to automate the time-consuming processes so you can focus on the relationships that will help facilitate your staffing programs.

Our staffing program is unique to us, how would SimpleVMS fit into our process?

SimpleVMS is an internally developed platform that allows us the flexibility to build our system around your specific processes. This helps the acceptance rate of the system with your end-users.

Do you offer continued support? 

Yes, we have a live support team based in Cincinnati, OH. Live support is available daily via email or phone until 9 pm EST. We also offer a robust database of help topics to answer many of your questions.

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