Cost accounting on your terms.

Cost accounting can be an extremely time-consuming and labor intensive process, SimpleVMS makes it easy.

Your simple solution for managerial accounting.

Tracking your cost centers in one place.

Cost-per-unit tracking is an essential data point for many of our logistics partners. Historically, measuring this data has been an extremely time-consuming task. As employees move through facilities, companies often have to track workers on multiple product lines or departments manually.

By utilizing one or more of our timekeeping systems coupled with our robust analytics dashboard, your team will be able to capture the total cost of production by assessing variable and fixed costs throughout your facility.

Cost accounting

Why SimpleVMS?

We provide the tools you need to capture your data all in one place. Through our robust analytics tool, SimpleVMS delivers the business intelligence you need to manage your spend.

Working with one of our available tracking options, your workforce will have the tools they need to move throughout your facility or within their department and easily report their time. Whether employees are switching lines or working on different projects, SimpleVMS reports your cost analysis on one simple dashboard.

Web time

Our cloud based system can be accessed on any desktop or mobile device to provide a simple web punching interface. 

Time clocks

SimpleVMS provides physical time clocks that can be installed at your facility for no additional cost. 

System import

Through an open API, SimpleVMS easily integrates with most timekeeping systems. 

Telephonic time

For employees on the go, our telephonic time system allows for tracking using a simple phone call.

SimpleVMS connects your warehouse management to your staff cost.

Warehouse management systems are excellent tools for tracking your inventory, orders, equipment and more. SimpleVMS specializes in tracking your staff. It’s simply what we do. Our tool integrates with your existing systems to help manage your cost accounting with granular detail.

Connect with us to understand how SimpleVMS collects the employee data you need to understand your total business spend.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. That’s our job.

You need the details of your logistics, light industrial, and administrative staff spend in one place. That’s what we do best.

We’ll take care of the manual and labor-intensive part of managing your workforce, so you don’t have to. Trust us to handle your personnel cost accounting so you can focus on the other aspects of operating your warehouse or distribution center.