Spending time where it matters.

The problem

Third party logistics client typically had 200 temporary workers, spiking to 1000 seasonally, across seven national sites with 150 job titles. Each vendor had their own timekeeping systems and the client required cost reporting per site, department, job function/cost center. The vendors were each manually building these reports for them, resulting in excessive time spent per vendor every week.

The simple solution

SimpleVMS improved the process through automation, eliminating the vendor cost as well as providing the data to the client in real time instead of only once per week.

Additionally, this client has a specific attendance point policy that was also being tracked manually. Compliance tracking and reporting for this policy was the responsibility of each staffing firm at their own cost. After the implementation of SimpleVMS, this tracking became automatic and the staffing firms were only responsible for auditing exceptions and coaching workers as needed.

Due to this client’s seasonality, vendors were required to provide 5x the normal work volume in a short period. It was difficult for them to communicate amongst their offices on recruiting efforts. After the implementation of the SimpleVMS web portal, staffing firms were able to utilize regional office resources to quickly fill bulk orders much more efficiently and with increased autonomy while achieving the common goal. The streamlined communication, real time tracking, and increased efficiency allowed the staffing firms to reduce FTEs dedicated to seasonal recruiting and increase results. The staffing firms each saved 20-30 internal labor hours during average weeks and over 80 hours during peak season weeks. The staffing firms also removed their hardware and subscription timekeeping costs (Kronos / ADP / etc) that they were individually maintaining at the client’s site.